What is a Mi-account - Registration. Official free unlock.

 Mi-account -

  • Registration and activation of account
  • Pros and cons of use. Additional features.
  • Detachment of device, unlock and  completely deletion of account.

           Xiaomi is a Chinese manufacturer not only of smartphones, but also other wearable gadgets. By analogy with Google, Xiaomi created a “mi account” - account required to access the Xiaomi ecosystem, weekly MIUI OS updates, unlocking the bootloader, installing themes, free messaging between MIUI users (Mi Talk), and free Mi cloud storage Cloud to store information, backup systems, search for devices on the map.

     Mi-account is designed for synchronization, but not for backup. And conceived for use by a synchronized group of devices of the "smart home" category, so, you can connect to it in addition to the phone, another tablet, TV, refrigerator, computer, second children's phone, bracelet, surveillance cameras, etc. All devices will have access to one set of generalized data kit. And not at all for the trivial backup of phone data. Although there is backup and recovery in your account, but it is more an additional feature.



  • How to register MI-account?

Option 1: Registration by e-mail:

1. Go to the site https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/register

2. Choose a country, write your e-mail, date of birth, remove the check mark from the subscription to the newsletter (optional).

3. Click on - Create Mi Account

4. In the new window, you must specify a password, the minimum length of 8 characters and containing both letters and numbers.

5. You need to check your email,that specified during registration, there you should receive a letter to activate your account.

6. Activate your account by clicking on the link within 24 hours.

Option 2: Register by phone number:

1. Open the browser and go to https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/register

2. Click below on the white button "Create using a phone number"

3. Choose a country, fill in the phone number, date of birth, captcha. Click on Create MI Account

4. You will receive an SMS with a verification code on the phone, enter it and press the "Next" button

5. If the verification code is correctly indicated, then you will be asked to create a password of a minimum length of 8 characters and containing both letters and numbers.

6. If you did everything right, you will see a smiling emoji.


Option 3: Through the application:

          If for any reason you don't have the opportunity to use the browser for registration, you can similarly register through the application, initially installing it on your smartphone. The disadvantage of this method is that to complete the registration, your phone will send SMS abroad (roaming), which will cost you more than a regular text message.

1. Click - Register

2. Enter the phone number, then to complete the registration you will be asked to send an SMS and you will need to pay for it at a roaming price.

3. Press ,, OK ,, - and your account is ready to go.


  • Pros and cons of using Mi-account.

          After registeration and activation an MI account, additional opportunities open up for you:

          Mi Cloud service - contacts, messages, photos and videos, notes will be stored there. Furthermore, thanks to this service, you can watch the number of the inserted SIM card and track its location in case of loss of the phone.

          Now it is possible to unlock the bootloader to change the smartphone software, Russification. Receive updates and new firmware versions for phones.The ability to change the themes of the smartphone Xiaomi.Use Mi Credits, Mi Wallet, Mi Pass, Mi Fit, Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale.

          I want to note that to use the above Mi - services, you need constant synchronize with the server, which will entail the consumption of Internet traffic from your smartphone and a faster discharge of the battery of the device. So kindly requested - NEVER forget the password, ID, phone number, email address to which your account is registered! Otherwise, it will cause a lot of problems to restore access to the account and device.


  • Removing a Mi-account, untie, unlock of device.

           Attention! You must delete your account with extreme caution. Otherwise, the tied-up devices can be forever lost! Before deleting an account, you must untie the device from it! You also need to untie all your gadgets before deleting, such as mi band, etc., otherwise they will not work with another account.

           To untie the device, go to Settings - Mi account - Mi Cloud you need to disable all synchronization, especially - Device search, which will start the verification and ask for the phone number on which the Mi was started - the account or you can enter the ID of Mi account or email you may have account, then there is a check - is there such an account, enter the password and captcha, after which the device will be removed from the search. Next, return to Mi-account and click - Exit Mi-account. From the proposed options, select the second - Remove from device. That's all. A Mi-account will be unbound from your device, but on the site it will still exist and there will always be an opportunity to use it if necessary in device.

          To completely delete the account on the server, after unlocking the device, follow the link -

1. https://account.xiaomi.com - log in with the account you want to delete.

2. Go to: https://account.xiaomi.com/pass/del

3. Confirm the deletion

Account at the same time erased completely, as if it wasn't there at all.

          If for any reason you have forgotten, deleted your account, lost access to it, or maybe you bought used device and a Mi-account was installed there, in this case you need to restore access to it and your device. Write to the website of the phone manufacturer, in support -

  • service.global@xiaomi.com
  • service.hk@xiaomi.com
  • service.us@xiaomi.com

- here will go your pictures of the boxes , screenshots of the page with the purchase in the online store, video where you leave the store, happily waving a new phone on the wonderful operating system MIUI. Just do not write messages to them, such as: "A friend asked," "forgot an account", "test E-mail", etc., it doesn’t matter if even a friend has all the documents, 50% of users think that the phone is stolen, and in 50% of cases, they will be right! It will be necessary to send a lot of documents, evidence that this is really your smartphone and that when you woke up in the morning you forgot to access it. In general, as a result, you can unlock access to the device. Also, there are many ways in the network to restore, delete an account from a device, I cannot guarantee their functionality, since each case is special, and all actions that you perform with your device, you do at your own peril and risk.

           If the appeal to support did not give you any results, or perhaps you bought used phone, and you will not be able to access it, since it requires a Mi-account and the password of the past owner, which you cannot already find, or a different situation, and you just want to untie your device from the mi account in a couple of minutes, and fully use your smartphone, read THESE INDTRUCTIONS or email me at the contacts listed below and I will help you to resolve the issue.


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