What is unlock NCK, RGCK, FRP, Mi-account, Google account?

           Hello! In this article I want to talk about what unlocking is and what types of locks exist.
           Probably each of us has some kind of gadget, a smart device, a smartphone or tablet, modem or Wi-Fi router, smart watch or simple ordinary phone. So where does locked devices coming from?

           Today, you can buy a smartphone, tablet or any other gadget at an attractive price in the mobile phone stores of a particular operator. Mobile operator to attract customers sells mobile equipment at a price of 2-10 times cheaper than in any other place. In this case, this device, in accordance with the conditions of the seller, works only in the network of this operator or a specific country. After the expiration of the contract issued by the buyer, the seller must provide you with an unlock code so that you can use all the functions of your gadget. But often the operator does not have these codes, or you have lost your purchase receipt, or for some other reason the operator refuses to help you. In this case, we will come to the rescue and we'll give you the same official unlock codes as the operator.

           Another type of gadget locks is an account - an account for services of the operating system. Today, manufacturers of mobile device are trying to protect our devices from theft, loss of information, allow us using the accounts to recover any information. Almost every smartphone has a specific account. - a login and password that gives us access to our device and confirms that we are the true owner of this device. On most Android-based smartphones, is set up a Google account - FRP, but on Xiaomi smartphones - a Mi-account, Meizu - a Flyme account. On Apple devices - Apple ID. If you have lost access to your accounts or have forgotten your password, you can always contact us and we will help you to resolve the issue with unlocking.

            The third type of locking of smartphones or tablets - is user locking. Each of us probably installed a graphic key on the phone, or set some kind of password to unlock the screen. Now, most smartphones use such protection technology as - fingerprint, face scan or retina. Sometimes happens that we can forget the entered password or can not remember the pattern. Or you have bought a used smartphone with a password set on it, which you dont know. And in this case, our site will be a good assistant to solve any of this problem.


  Below I will give examples of locks used in gadgets and briefly describe them:
 1. NCK - (SIM_Unlock = Network Lock = Network Unlock Code = SIM Network Unlock PIN) This is a code that is calculated by phone's IMEI. NCK code is needed to unlock your mobile phone from a mobile operator.
 2. RGCK - (Region Unlock Code = EXTRA) - This code is also calculated on the IMEI of your smartphone. RGCK is a regional blocking. The gadget works with any operators of a particular region or country.
 3. MCK - (DEFREEZE = Unfreeze) - this is a defrost code, resetting incorrect attempts to enter network codes. It is necessary in case when you have entered incorrect NCK or RGCK codes many times and have exhausted all attempts to enter a code. It is calculated by IMEI.
 4. APPLE ID is an account used to log into all Apple services. Unlocked by IMEI, serial number or MAC address of the gadget.
 5. Google Account - (FRP) - This is a universal account for Android devices, which you need to log in when you first launch a new smartphone, or after resetting it to factory settings. Unlocked software via USB cable.
 6. Mi-account - (Mi Account) is an account in Xiaomi services. Unlocked software via USB cable.
 7. Flyme account - (Flyme) is a cloud storage service designed specifically for Meizu devices. Unlocked the same software.

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