Unlock MTC phones, tablets, routers and other gadgets

Find your device model from the list below and follow the link for detailed unlock instructions. If your model is not listed or you have questions related to the unlocking of tablets and phones, write to the contacts listed HERE! The operator online will generate a code for you or unlock your device remotely.


Phones, Tablets, Smartphones and other gadgets MTC

МТC Digma Optima TT7022MG


МТС POP C2 (OT-4032d)

МТС Smart Race 4G

МТС Smart Race2 4G

МТС Smart Run

МТС Smart Run 4G

МТС Smart Sprint

МТС Smart Sprint 4G

МТС Smart Start

МТС Smart Start 2

МТС Smart Start 3

МТС Smart Surf 4G

МТС Smart Surf2 4G

МТС Smart Turbo 4G

МТС 1065

МТС 1078

МТС 982T, 982X

МТС 978

МТС 970, 970H, OT-4030

Oysters Arctic 450


Routers, modemes and WI-FI MTC

МТС 836F LTE / ZTE 833T

МТС 872FT 4G

MTC 873FT 4G with Powerbank function

МТС 874FT 4G

МТС 430D / ZTE MF752

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